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2 Irmãos Group offers a vast selection of coffees in the traditional, superior, gourmet and specialty categories. The company’s coffee brands are available at several retail outlets, such as supermarkets and coffee shops, located across Paraná and São Paulo states. The company is also in the coffee filter business.

Café da Manhã Café Caturra Café Ituano Café Paulista Ghini Café Café Platinense Café Alvorada Café Vilas Bôas

Third-party coffee brands

Sua Marca2 Irmãos Group has state-of-the-art equipped facilities to industrialize coffee for different segments (like filter and espresso) and offers several coffee packaging possibilities like flat pouches, stand-up pouches, bags with one-way degassing valves or vacuum, for your customized brands. For those clients [...]

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